ProTec PhotoCard Identification System

ProTec PhotoCard™ Identification System is a unique digital imaging ID card system that represents the very latest in software technology. It allows you to grab images, save them to a database indefinitely and print them whenever the need arises. No more photo developing and no more lost photo problems.

The ProTec PhotoCard™ Identification System was designed with the user's needs clearly in mind. It offers power and speed when compared with conventional methods of ID card production as well as high quality, cost and time savings.

PhotoCard Features
18 Bar Code Symbols
      Fully Networkable
            Magstripe Encoding
                  Signature Capture
                        Smart Card Encoding
                              Full Security Management
                                    23 Bit, 16.7 Million Color
                                          Supports a Wide Range of Printers
                                                Asset Management
                                                      Assist Check In/Out
                                                            Fully Definable Database
                                                                  Windows based

Free Software Upgrades for the 1st Year
      Modem Support
            On-line Help
                  Full Card Layout and Form Design
                        Finger Print Identification
                              Twain Scanner Support for Logo
                                    Available in Notebook Version for Portability

Users are able to set up software to operate in any spoken language of thier choice.