ProTec NeuroTag®
R F Tracking System


The ProTec NT132 multiple-read active tag is a high performance, long range, programmable RF device used in a wide variety of "control point" data collection applications. With selected discrete antennas up to 1 Kbytes of information may be read from or written to the tag at adjustable ranges from 4 inches to 30 feet. The ProTec NT 132 tag works in combination with the ProTec NeuroTag ® RF Controller, which monitors and controls communications between the tag and the user's equipment.

The ProTec NT132 is a miniature radio frequency transponder. RF communications to and from the tag utilize digital transmission methods, and function through most non-conducting materials allowing tag operation in very difficult or harsh environmnets. Special techniques are used to allow over 100 tags per second to be interrogated within the same field simultaneously. The tag also has built-in intelligence allowing direct tag to tag communications.

ProTec NeuroTag ® FEATURES

Multiple Reading

Operates in Harsh Enviroments

Adjustable Range

Tag Addressability

Tag to Tag Communications

Large Data Capacity

High speed Transmission

Up to 100 tags can be identified per second with no limit on total reads while in the antenna field

Water, snow, grease, dirt, glass and metal mounts. Not blocked by human body — Reads inside and outside with both side and road loop antennas

Tags may be addressed individually or in groups

Tags can send information packets to each other

1 kbytes onboard memory standard

Up to 4 kbytes available for customer use through custom ordering

1 Kbytes per second

Octopus 2000™ RF System Software

Octopus 2000, from ProTec Technology, Inc., is an on-line/off line, hard wired and full featured computer driven access control system that is cost effective, reliable, easy to use and expandable.

Use Octopus 2000 to control multiple sites from a single controlling computer and restrict access with over 200 programmable time zones each with four time intervals. Octopus 2000™ accepts more than 50,000 users per access point with 1,000 remote sites making it perfect for educational, medical, retail, manufacturing and office facilities. Octopus 2000 offers a configurable building management's suite of software.